Football History at a Glance
                                                                    (now updated to the end of season 2016-7)

The aim of this site is to provide a means of tracing the history of English football clubs, and their movements between leagues.  The main chart below shows the league history of around 2000 clubs since the start of league football:

Leading Clubs A-Z

More detail, at the level of individual leagues, is provided below in two ways:

- Historical charts arranged by current league membership, including end-of-season positions year-by-year for the current league (for positions in other leagues see the page for that league).  The convention used regarding divisions is this: '1' means 1st in the highest division in the league, '113' means 13th in the second highest division and so on. 'n13', 'w11' and so on refer to regional divisions, though for simplicity these are often not used, so that where there are two clubs listed as, for example, '111' in the same column in the same year, these will be occupying the same position in different regional divisions at the same level.

- League tables going back as far as we can trace.  These are arranged by region, so that each page typically contains several leagues arranged vertically by importance, so that a rising club can be followed year by year as it rises up the league system, and also up the page.  Since the emphasis here is on club movements, the league information provided gives only points or positions.  Fuller information, if needed, is usually available in other places, including the websites credited below.

Certain conventions are adopted which may need explaining, for example the difference between Sampleclub II and Sampleclub2, which we use to distinguish reserves from multiple appearances by first teams in the early days.  Anyway here is a key.
And here is a list of leagues, and the colour conventions used for each.

Clubs operating at the top of the non-league pyramid can be found as follows:

National League and its predecessors:                       Histories   |    Tables 
Northern Premier League:                                             Histories    |   Tables 
Southern League:                                                           Histories    |   Tables 1895-1959 Tables 1960-present 
Isthmian League:                                                            Histories   |    Tables 1893-1959  Tables 1960-present 
(includes all London area tables up to 1998 - after that see Spartan South Midlands for London area)

For lower-level leagues go here

This site uses information compiled from many sources, and it helps enormously that most clubs now have their own websites and wikipedia entries (though often the clubs are not reliable about their own histories)  Four overwhelming debts must be acknowledged, however:
(1) Soccer Books of Cleethorpes, who since 2002 have been publishing non-league historical and current tables;
(2) Football Club History Database which for years has been an on-line encyclopedia for any researcher in this field;

(3) Non League Matters site, which provides forums on all topics and a wealth of other information, and also now houses:
(4) Non-League Football Matters which compiled a vast archive of league tables, many of which are not available elsewhere either on-line or in printed publications. Alas this site is no longer updated.

We must give special thanks to Paul Stone, who has been generous with his own research and given us many tables we could not find for ourselves, especially local leagues and lower levels.

This site is not competing with these admirable pioneers.  Its purpose is to enable the user to trace the whole history of a club at a single glance, and follow the movements of clubs between leagues as easily as possible.

Please contact us with any comments, additions or corrections, at

Ludwig and Corizel Skraff